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Device certificates, also called client certificates or authentication certificates, are a proven way to authenticate and secure your devices. We offer flexible device certificate options to secure everything from user devices to smart cards, to IoT devices and everything in between.

  • Up to 50 certificates
  • DigiCert Public CA
  • Issue manually
  • Identify each device by an email address
  • Up to 50 certificates
  • DigiCert Private CA
  • Issue manually
  • Identify each device by any identifier you choose
  • Unlimited certificates
  • Private CA
  • Issue individually, in batches, or automatically
  • Identify each device by any identifier you choose

Protect your devices with unspoofable authentication & encryption.

Authentication certificates, also known as device certificates, protect your devices and the data they transmit in four different ways:


Unlike passwords, certificate-based authentication is immune to phishing and brute-force attacks.

Protect confidential information with encryption to prevent unauthorized access or eavesdropping.

Cryptographic signatures and hashing maintain data integrity, alerting recipients if data is tampered with.

Each device gets a unique digital identity, making it immune to spoofing like traditional usernames/passwords.

Compare Your Device Certificate Options

From single device certificates to 1,000+ – compare your security options. 

Device/User Certificate

Private Device Certificate 

DigiCert ONE
Managed PKI Custom
Custom Pricing
Issued To Email AddressYour Org. + Any Identifier Max 3 years
Issued By DigiCert Public CA DigiCert Private CA Your Own Private CA 
Validation Domain/Email Validation Organization Validation Custom Validation 
Device Certificate 
Issue from Your Own CA 
Customizable Profiles 
Certificate Discovery 
Batch Issuance 
Flexible Integrations  Wide Interoperability
Device Authentication
Mutual TLS/SSL
Wi-Fi Device Authentication
Passwordless Client Authentication
Network Access Control
Mobile Device
Secure Email
Secure Remote VPN
Smart Card Login
Server Authentication
IoT Device Certificate
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Issue & Manage Device Certificates

Securing your organization’s devices doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Get complete control over all device certificates in your digital infrastructure using DigiCert ONE. Reduce risks and simplify the way you secure digital assets with an all-in-one management platform.